GOBEL has been manufacturing pastry moulds for over five generations. This long history is without doubt a guarantee of great know-how and irreplaceable experience.
This experience has enabled GOBEL to provide constant satisfaction to its customers, from 1887 to the present day!

In France, as in North America, the Middle East, South-east Asia, Scandinavia, Australia and throughout Europe… GOBEL is widely recognized as a genuine reference.

Product quality : GOBEL is also aware of market development and the specific needs of its customers. Everything is devoted to reducing delivery times to a minimum and to providing the best possible services.

In all fields, optimum quality for GOBEL is a tradition.
Our products are distributed by a network of professionals and specialized shops.

Gobel, a history of 125 years!

At the end of the nineteenth century, pâtisserie chefs were making cakes as elaborate as Bavarian castles. So, in 1887, a man from Alsace, Etienne Gobel, decided to open a factory to produce copper and tin moulds in Paris, rue du Faubourg du Temple.

It did not take long for the firm to become one of the leaders in its field, and, in 1919, when it needed to expand, it moved to Tours. By the end of the 1930s, the firm was selling over 2000 different products to the food industry and the home baker alike. The famous "petits beurres" (much loved French biscuits) were cooked exclusively on Gobel baking sheets.

In the 1940s, the firm expanded abroad, first in Belgium and Morocco, then later in England and the United States, where French expertise in the culinary arts is acknowledged.

Nowadays, as pâtisserie architecture favours less flamboyant but more refined shapes, Gobel are still the leader, as they have been for five generations, in the production of top of the range moulds and tins. They enjoy international recognition and export their 100% French products to more than 40 different countries, offering a range to meet all the requirements of world cuisine.

With their unique expertise in the production of moulds and tins, Gobel can design entirely new shapes, developing and using new technologies at all stages.

And so it is that, when you eat something cooked in one of our tins, you enjoy the result of a long chain of tradition and care. Every mouthful deserves to be savoured consciously and lovingly, in honour of Monsieur Gobel, who would be proud that you chose a tin which bears his name. That name is a guarantee of quality and durability that come from the skill and love for his craft which he displayed from the start and which his successors continue to develop today in "la belle France".